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Kyle Kingsbury

This podcast promotion package is pure magic! In just 30 days, it skyrocketed my podcast’s traffic, downloads, and subscribers well beyond my expectations. Their results are as guaranteed as they come. Plus, the added 5-star ratings are like icing on the cake. The dedication to delivering results is unmatched, and the detailed reporting ensures transparency. If you’re looking to boost your podcast’s success, this package is an SEO-friendly choice that’ll make your show shine.

Rob Sharred

Amazing!! My audience more than tripled in just a few days, will definitely be buying from Podcast Booster again! Incredible value, and so easy!

Betty Crocker

Once again, fantastic service! Even without the promotion period, they have provided adequate service through their website. I fully endorse PodcastBooster!

Howard Marks

Very pleased with the results. Executed exactly what was advertised. I look forward to working with them in the future.

Mikkel Thorup

Podcast promotion doesn't get better than this! In 30 days, my podcast experienced a meteoric rise in traffic, downloads, and subscribers, exceeding even the minimum guarantees. Those 5-star ratings pouring in were like music to my ears. What sets this service apart is their relentless pursuit of your podcast's success; they won't rest until they've delivered on every pledge. The comprehensive reporting is a treasure trove of insights. If you're looking to take your podcast to the next level, this package is your golden ticket to success!

Heather Monahan

Our podcast receives 600-700 downloads per week on average. Within the first few days, this campaign increased it to over 4000. We're overjoyed with the start, and we're looking forward to seeing the next set of figures to see the full effect. Thank you very much!

Michelle Waters

The finest podcast promotion service I've ever used is this one. Not fraudulent or automated, but genuine and honest engagement. Clearly expressed themselves and met the deadline they had set. I will hire their service again because of their excellent quality of work.

Andy Frisella

This group is based on integrity and compassion for their clients and does great work for a great price. This group goes above and beyond with their work and really cares about my growth. Just finished a 6 months package with them and now going for their 1 year package. Hope it will show me much more efficient results!

Carey O'Donnell

This service performs amazingly well. I will continue to collaborate with them because doing so will help my podcast gain more listeners. Absolutely astonished by the outcomes and It's a really great podcast promotion service that specializes in finding real listeners for your podcast. Blessed!!

Justin Colby

Podcast Booster is a game-changer in the podcasting realm. Their passion and expertise shine through in every promotion. Thanks to their innovative strategies, our podcast has soared to new heights, gaining significant traction and engagement. With Podcast Booster, success is not just a possibility; it's a certainty. Highly recommended for anyone serious about podcast growth.


This group responded fast and delivered straight away. Also, I am convinced that it was an accurate and organic service (from Anchor and libsyn stat). I will recommend this group to my podcaster tribe thank you..

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